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From Mr. Childs

The FBLA Business Club, Drama Club, Choir and Band joined together to attend the Broadway play, Wicked at Shea’s Performing Arts Theater in Buffalo. All seventy participants had a great time as the cast was superb and the story unique. Who would have thought there would be a happy ending to the storyline for the wicked witch? Shea’s was packed with students from many different schools with the buses backed up several city blocks and Scio was proudly one of the school represented. The children laughed, gasped and applauded with great zeal, much to the noticeable delight of the cast. Such enthusiasm by the young people bodes well for the future of the arts!

We thank Karl and Scott who let us eat lunch on the bus on the way to the show and drove safely in tough traffic. We thank Lisa and Cindy for packing 70 lunches. We thank Mr. Hardy, Ms. Race and Mrs. McKinley for approving the adventure and helping obtain the grant money for the tickets to an expensive production. We thank Scio Alumni Tiffany and Angelina for chaperoning along with Grace, Mr. Stack, Mrs. Berardi, and Ms. Z.

A great big thank you to the Scio students who enthusiastically embraced the opportunity and acted as respectable young adults having a great day! No drama, no arguments, no misbehavior—just smiles and camaraderie.

Thank you everyone!  Mr. Childs

Gregory Hardy, Superintendent

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