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Career Month - March 2017

The Student Services Department seeks to support and facilitate the educational achievement of every student in Scio Central School through a Comprehensive School Counseling program. An essential component of this program is to promote future goals and career development. Therefore, during the month of March we will be focusing on careers. During Career Month we will seek the collaboration of families, school staff, counselors, and our local community in order to offer a proactive program that will promote student success and life-long learning.

Parents and other volunteers will be invited to come in to speak with students regarding their career experiences in order to provide insight into specific jobs. Additionally, there will be a variety of activities that will take place at various grade levels such as homeroom contests, scavenger hunts, and Second-Step lessons. Our goal is to educate, stimulate, motivate, and inspire our students to start setting career goals early in life. Collaboratively, we can all contribute by working together to make Career Month a positive growth experience for our students at Scio Central School.  

More information will be shared as plans are finalized.


Gregory Hardy, Superintendent

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