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TOPIC: Schools should not drop music programs

Topic:  Schools should not drop music programs

Supportive websites:

"The Benefits of Music Education" 
Author:  Laura Lewis Brown
Updated:  unknown
Web Address:
Notes:   Tells many benefits of music education.

"Music Probably Doesn't Make You Smarter.  So What?"
Author:  Nancy Darling, PhD
Publisher:  Psychology Today
Updated:  2015
Web Address:
Notes:  Tells reasons to learn music even if it doesn't make kids smarter.

Negative Websites:  

"Music makes you smarter.  Right?  Actually, it doesn't, Harvard study finds"
Author:  Carolyn Yonson

Updated:  2013
Web Address:
Notes:  Study shows there are no cognitive benefits to studying music

"Study first to detail the costs of comprehensive music education"
Author:  unknown

Publisher:  NAMM (an organization of music sellers)
Updated:  2012
Web Address:
Notes:  Tells how much music education costs.

Neutral Websites: 

"Pros and Cons of Music in Schools"
Author:  MayankJ

Updated:  unknown
Web Address:
Notes:  Gives reasons for both sides of the argument.

"LAUSD arts funding cut 76% in 5 years"
Author:  Tami Abdollah

Publisher:  KPPC (a radio station)
Updated:  2012
Web Address:
Notes:  Tells about funding cut and looks at if it is a good idea or not.

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