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TOPIC: Students should choose field trips

Topic:  Students should choose field trips
Supportive websites:

"Choices for Children" 
Author:  Alfie Kohn, speaker on education and parenting
Publisher:  Phi Delta Kappan magazine and
Updated:  1993
Web Address:
Notes:  Gives reasons why students should make their own choices in education and provides several research studies.

"Research: School field trips give significant benefits"
Author:  no author
Publisher:  University of Arkansas
Updated:  2013
Web Address:
Notes:  Tells about a research study that proves field trips have educational benefits.


Negative Websites:  

"Field Trips: Beneficial or waste of time?"
Author:  no author
Publisher:  Rockville Rampage (student newspaper)
Updated:  2015
Web Address:
Notes:  Gives reasons why field trips waste time.

"Field Trips: Good and Bad"
Author:  Ms. M., a teacher
Publisher:  NY Teacher, her personal blog
Updated:  2009
Web Address:
Notes:  Gives an example of a good field trip and a bad one.

"Research Says...Choice is a matter of degree"
Author:  Bryan Goodwin
Publisher:  ASCD (an educational research organization)
Updated:  2010
Web Address:
Notes: Gives research to show that student choice is not always beneficial.

Neutral Websites: 

"Making the Most of Field Trips"
Author:  Linda Mayger, an experienced teacher
Publisher:  ASCD (a group that promotes educational resources to help teachers)
Updated:  2007
Web Address:
Notes:  Tells several things to consider when choosing field trips.


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