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TOPIC: The US Should End Use of the Penny

Topic:  The US Should End Use of the Penny
Supportive websites:

"Why We Should Kill the American Penny" 
Author:  Paul Solman
Publisher:  PBS - NewsHour Productions LLC.
Updated:  February 8, 2013
Web Address:
Notes:  A look at why Canada got rid of its penny and why the US should do the same.

"Should the U.S. Kill the Penny?"
Author:  Chris Isidore
Publisher:  CNN
Updated:  February 4, 2013
Web Address:
Notes:  Tells how much it costs to make a penny and why rounding to nickels would be better.

Negative Websites:  

"The Penny Debate"
Author:  Susan Headley, coin expert
Updated:  January 19, 2016
Web Address:
Notes:  Gives reasons why pennies are still used.

Author:  unknown

Publisher:  Americans for Common Cents
Updated:  2015
Web Address:
Notes:  This organization gives arguments for why pennies should still be used.

Neutral Websites: 

"Our Latest Poll:  Should we get rid of the penny?"
Author:  Reena Bazzy

Publisher:  Ada Icon, a newspaper from Ada, OH
Updated:  February 2013
Web Address:
Notes:  Gives a brief summary of the arguments on both sides.

"Should We Scrap the Penny"
Author:  Justin Higginbottom

Publisher:  Deseret News, a newspaper from Deseret, UT
Updated:  December 7, 2011
Web Address:
Notes:  Explains arguments for both sides.

"Research Spotlight on Year-Round Education"
Author:  no author

Publisher:  National Education Association
Updated:  no date
Web Address:
Notes:  Presents research findings to sup

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