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TOPIC: Schools should follow a year-round schedule

Topic:  Schools should follow a year-round schedule
Supportive websites:

"Top 10 Reasons Why Year Round School Is A Good Idea" 
Author:  Screenflex company
Publisher:  Screenflex Portable Partitions, Inc.
Updated:  July 2014
Web Address:
Notes:  This page gives 10 arguments for year round school. 

"Should the US Switch to Year Round Schooling?"
Author:  Matthew Lynch, Ed.D.
Publisher:  Huffington Post
Updated:  January 2015
Web Address:
Notes:  This page tells how year round schooling affects students, teachers, and the economy.

Negative Websites:  

"Year-Round Schooling:  3 Common Arguments Against It"
Author:  Matthew Lynch
Publisher:  Editorial Projects in Education
Updated:  July 2014
Web Address:
Notes:  This webpage gives 3 arguments that can be made against year round schools.

"Year-Round Schools Bad Idea for Students"
Author:  Julia Sines

Publisher:  The Pantograph
Updated:  October 17, 2009
Web Address:
Notes:  This opinion article gives several reasons why this schedule might be a bad idea.

Neutral Websites: 

"Should American Schools Go Year Round?"
Author:  Sindhu Nair

Publisher:  K-12 Teachers Alliance
Updated:  2012
Web Address:
Notes:  Gives many ideas and examples from school districts across the country.

"Year Round Schooling Explained"
Author:  Jaclyn Zubrzycki

Publisher:  Editorial Projects in Education
Updated:  December 18, 2015
Web Address:
Notes:  Explains the issue.

"Research Spotlight on Year-Round Education"
Author:  no author

Publisher:  National Education Association
Updated:  no date
Web Address:
Notes:  Presents research findings to support both sides of the argument

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