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TOPIC: School uniforms should be mandatory

Topic:  Students should be required to wear school uniforms

Supportive websites:

"Uniforms Get Credit for Decrease in Discipline Problems" 
Author:  Jessica Portner
Publisher:  Education Week magazine
Updated:  February 1996
Web Address:
Notes:  This is an older article, but it is used frequently in the uniform debate.  

"Dressed for Success?  The Effect of School Uniforms on Student Achievement and Behavior"
Author:  Elisabetta Gentile and Scott Imberman, researchers at the University of Houston
Publisher:  University of Texas at Dallas
Updated:  January 2010
Web Address:
Notes:  This is a research paper about the effects of uniforms.  Use the abstract and graphs to get the information quickly.

"Schools find stricter rules, uniforms can lessen bullying"
Author:  John Gavin, reporter
Publisher:  North
Updated:  February 2011
Web Address: 
Notes:  This is a local news article about the effect of uniforms in one school district.

Negative Websites:  

"Tinker V. Des Moines - Landmark Supreme Court Ruling on Behalf of Student Expression"
Author:  no author
Publisher:  American Civil Liberties Union
Updated:  2015
Web Address:
Notes:  This webpage explains the Supreme Court ruling that students have the right to express themselves through their clothing choices.

"Are School Uniforms Helping or Hindering?"
Author:  Lisa Flam

Updated:  April 2013
Web Address:
Notes:  This article and video show that uniforms stifle creativity and make students feel bad about their bodies.

"School Uniforms:  Panacea or Band Aid?"
Author:  Glori Chaika

Publisher:  Education World
Updated:  2008
Web Address:
Notes:  This article shows that uniforms are expensive for parents and do not do the good things people say they do.

Neutral Websites: 

"School Uniforms -"
Author:  no author

Updated:  September 2014
Web Address:
Notes:  This website collects information and arguments from many different sources.

"School Uniforms"
Author:  no author

Publisher:  National Center for Education Statistics
Updated:  2015
Web Address:
Notes:  This is a quick look at how many schools require uniforms.

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