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Here you find a wonderful archive of Scio Newsletters dating back to 2003. Enjoy!  Mr. Childs

May and June 2015 Scio Central Newsletter

March and April 2015 Scio Central Newsletter

January and February 2015 Scio Central Newsletter

November and December 2014 School Newsletter

September and October 2014

Guidance Newsletter, October 2014

July and August 2014

May and June 2014

March and April 2014

January and February 2014

November and December 2013

September and October 2013

July and August 2013

May and June 2013

March and April 2013

January and February, 2013

November and December, 2012

September and October 2012 Scio Newsletter

May and June 2012 Scio Newsletter

March and April 2012 Scio Newsletter  

January and February 2012 Newsletter

November and December 2011 Newsletter

September and October 2011 Newsletter


Scio Central Newsletter Archive


June 2011 Newsletter


Christmas Issue, 2010

September 2010 Newsletter

Summer 2010 Newsletter

April 2010 Newsletter

 Click here to open Scio2010WinterREV2.pdf (File size: 1840.75390625KB ) 

December 2009 Newsletter

Winter 2009 Newsletter

Christmas 2008 Newsletter

Back to School 2008 Newsletter

 Click here to open 2008SpringScioINSERT.pdf (File size: 721.673828125KB ) 

 Click here to open 2008SpringScio.pdf (File size: 2605.5625KB ) 

 Click here to open 2008WinterScio.pdf (File size: 2010.939453125KB ) 


Alumni should love this--Pre-2007 Newsletter Archive


 Click here to open 2007ChristmasScio.pdf (File size: 3965.6484375KB )


 Click here to open 2007BacktoSchoolSCIO.pdf (File size: 2764.88671875KB ) 


 Click here to open 2007Back2SchoolSCSINSERT.pdf (File size: 2218.501953125KB ) 


           Click here to open Christmas 2006 Newsletter.pdf (File size: 1461.8427734375KB ) 


 Click here to open the Scio Central Back to School Newsletter.


Click here to open the Scio Central Christmas 2005 Newsletter.

Back to School, 2005-06

End of School Year 2004-05

Spring 2005 Newsletter

Winter 2005 Newsletter

Christmas 2004 Newsletter

Spring 2004 Scio Newsletter

Winter 2004 Scio Newsletter

Christmas 2003 Edition Scio Newsletter

Back to School 2004 Edition Scio Newsletter

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