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Honor Roll Announcements

Principal McKinley is please to announce our first quarter Honor Roll:

Twelfth Grade High Honor Roll

Alannah Allen, Cameron Brochu, Vitor Casagrande, Mackenzie Chandler, Margaret Davis, Samantha Farmer, Kaitlyn Foster, Dalton Green, Sara Knapp, Gage Marion, Seth Porter, Carter Scholla, Kelsey Sherwood, Lacey Shuttleworth, Simona Tabuncic, Alyssa Trebik,
Twelfth Grade Honor Roll
Austin Baker, Angelina Brown, Brendan Fuller,
Eleventh Grade High Honor Roll
Colten Alsworth, Analiese Babbitt, Jacob D'Arcy, Jakub Dzik, Alex Field, Mehgan Force, Brendan Graves, Petro Kattan, Cameron Kelsey, Ludwig Kettmann, Leila LaJoie, Megan Murray, Cayden Nickerson, Renee Schoonover, Ashlynn Scotchmer, Arthur Sivade, Tristen Woodruff,
Eleventh Grade Honor Roll
Nichole Bosma, Kirsten Budinger, Dakota Claypool, Kyle Howell, Gwendolyn Lamphier, Ariel Reynolds, Dominic Tronetti, Caleb Webster,
Tenth Grade High Honor Roll
Cory Bolzan, James Fuller II, Anna McConkey, Race Printup,
Tenth Grade Honor Roll
Chevon Adriaans, Jackson Broach, Alea Comstock, Brooke Crossley, Ariana Fields, Harlan Gates, Wesley Gates, Emily Stilson,
Ninth Grade High Honor Roll
Lily Babbitt, Corey Field, Conner Little, Joseph Nickerson, Benjamin Weimer,
Ninth Grade Honor Roll
Brooke Budinger, Alyshia Chandler, Jude Marion, Shawn Patrick, Carter Silsby, Payton Walsh, Trace Woodruff,
Eighth Grade High Honor Roll
Ayden Faulkner, Kiara Grover, Zane Killingbeck, Chase Kinnicutt, Brenden Loucks, Maximus Morris,
Eighth Grade Honor Roll
Derek Ketchner, Noah Little, David Littler, Breanna O'Keefe,
Seventh Grade High Honor Roll
Sophie Bolzan, Alexis Crossley, Jamie Foster, Lillie Griswold, Drake Irvin, Tyler Nickerson, Eli Wade, Gregory Wesche,
Seventh Grade Honor Roll
Cole Davenport, Nora Thompson,

Sixth Grade High Honor Roll
Alayna Davenport, Cooper Greenman, Lucius Griggs, Karson Grover, Aubrey Toth, Izabell Wade,
Sixth Grade Honor Roll
Hannah Childs, Mia Fuller, Jordan Hamer, Marissa Stephens, Seanna Stocking, Maewyn Tesson, Preston Walsh,
Fifth Grade High Honor Roll
Tayla Brenna, Jeremiah Brown, Bryson Covell, Ethan Davenport, Landon Davenport, Elijah DeGroff, Mason Edwards, Larry Geffers III, Nathan Griffiths, Adalyn Griswold, Lilly Killingbeck, Loretta Killingbeck, Owen Lewis, Jocelyn Nickerson, Megan Ramsey, Liam Smith, Peter Thompson, Daelyn Willetts, Brea Williams, Marcus Witt, Carson Wonderling, Jadyn Wonderling,
Fifth Grade Honor Roll
K'Lah Dent, Samuel Hernandez, Andrew Horning,

Jennifer Cappelletti, Superintendent of Schools

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