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2019-2020 Extra-Curricular Advisors

                                                       2019-20 EXTRA-CURRICULAR ADVISORS
Position Appointee(s)
Award Night Co-Coordinator Kim Walsh, Amber Hardy
Chess Club Daniel Smith
Computer Coordinator Mike Pavlock
Community Service Coordinator (3) Kevin Mole, Diana Phalon, Daniel Childs
Concert Monitors Kim Walsh, Molly Weinman
Detention Supervisor Raquel Lockwood, Melissa Babbitt
FBLA Advisor Dan Childs
Freshmen Class Advisor (2) Tamra Yeager, Susan Goodwin
History Club Advisor (2) Kevin Mole, Diana Phalon
Investment Club Dan Childs
Junior Class Advisor (2) Doreen Martin, Cindy Winchell
Learning is Fun Night/PARP Coordinator  
LEGO League Jamie Root, Amber Hardy (co-advisors)
Mentor Coordinator Kevin Mole, Valerie Wight (co-coordinators)
Music Program Advisor (2) Amelia Berardi, Adam Stack
National Honor Society Advisor Brittany Canfield, Diana Phalon (co-advisors)
National Junior Honor Society Advisor Brittany Canfield, Diana Phalon (co-advisors)
Newspaper Advisor Devin Davis
Play Director Devin Davis
Odyssey of the Mind Advisor - Elementary  
Odyssey of the Mind Advisor - Secondary Tammy Straight
Prom Advisor Susan Goodwin, Melissa Babbitt (co-advisors)
Regents Review Kyle Canfield (Liv.Env.), Kevin Mole (US History), Mike Pavlock
 (Math), Diana Phalon (Global), Tamra Yeager (Math), Dennis Whittaker (Chem., Phys, Earth), Devin Davis (English)
SADD Advisor Brittany Canfield
Science Fair Coordinator Valerie Wight
Scholastic Challenge Advisor Tammy Straight
Senior Class Advisor (2) Valerie Wight, Tammy Straight
Ski Club Advisor Kyle Canfield
Ski Club Assistant Advisor Brittany Canfield
Sophomore Class Advisor (2) Cheryl Perry, Kyle Canfield
Summer Computer Coordinator Mike Pavlock
STEM Club Advisor (2) Dennis Whittaker, Kyle Canfield
Student Council Advisor Tamra Yeager, Susan Goodwin (co-advisors)
Varsity Club Advisor Cindy Haas
Website Coordinator Dan Childs
Weight Room Monitor
Doreen Martin, Cindy Winchell, Cindy Haas, Cathy Law, Molly
Weinman, Diana Phalon
Yearbook Advisor Doreen Martin, Cindy Winchell (co-advisors)

Jennifer Cappelletti, Superintendent of Schools

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