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Gregory Hardy, Superintendent of Schools
Cathy Law, Secretary to the Superintendent/District Clerk
585-593-5510 Ext. 1190
Fax: 585-593-3468
Dawn M. Race, PreK-12 Principal
585-593-5510 Ext. 1163
Fax: 585-593-0653

Cristy McKinley, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

585-593-5510 Ext. 1131

Fax:  585-593-0653

Kelly Morehouse, Director of Pupil Personnel Services

585-593-5510 Ext. 1141

Fax: 585-593-0704

Nicky James, Business Manager

585-593-5510  Ext.  1180

Fax: 585-593-3468
Janice Fuller, Records Management Officer/Treasurer
Call 585-593-5510 Ext. 1230

Jayson Chandler, Transportation Supervisor
Call 585-593-0987 Ext. 3170 or 3160
Doreen Martin, Athletic Director/Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds

585-593-5510  Ext.  1241

Fax:  585-593-3468
Cindy Winchell, Cafeteria Supervisor

585-593-5510  Ext. 1500

Gregory Hardy, Superintendent

3968 Washington Street
Scio, New York 14880
Phone: 585-593-5510
Fax: 585-593-0653




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