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The "REAL" Flu Info: Flu Guidelines 2017-18.pdf more >>
Basketball Clinic: Click to print the basketball clinic enrollment form Click to print the basketball clinic brochure.   more >>
Spirit Week: more >>
Halloween Trunk or Treat: Come join the fun! All FBLA members are asked to bring their parents or grandparents down to the North Parking lot with the trunk or truck bed decorated and hand out treats to Trick or Treaters! more >>
Halloween Homecoming: more >>
Senior Class Basket Raffle: more >>
Learning is Fun Night--Part 1, Sweet Science: more >>
Science Fair: more >>
2017-2018 Immunization Requirements: more >>
Pop Tab Program: more >>

      Viewing 1 - 10 of 10 stories

Gregory Hardy, Superintendent

3968 Washington Street
Scio, New York 14880
Phone: 585-593-5510
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